Learning together-kl.III C

gdansk-oczami-dzieciprojekt-miedzynarodowy20170109_13164520170109_13171820170109_13172620170109_131749Nasz projekt:

“Learning together” intends to create real and meaningful communicative situations in which our students can practice English and also to offer them the chance to interact with foreign children of their age.


Postęp działań

The project will be carried out in three months and the schedule and the descriptions of the activities will be the following:
-October: share a powerpoint or video introducing each other.
-November: share a video about our school life and send a culture box with objects that represent our region-country.
-December: share and tell each other about our Christmas traditions. To finish the project we will conduct a session to sing Christmas songs.


Spodziewane rezultaty

-Improvement of the students’ communicative skills.
-Increase students’ motivation towards learning and using English.
-Better knowledge of the culture, lifestyle and traditions of other countries.
-Enhancement of the use of ICT’s.

Marta Trzebiatowska







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